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Hey Hi Hello!

Welcome to the reality side of the crazy bunch of RP communities that go by the name of NSS.

Yes, you're right, we are the creative, yet insane genius bunch behind the madness... we do not permit reality, yet we rebel against ourselves because we have to... causing proof of insanity... this does not and will not ever make sense... if it does, then you're insane too.

Reality is not cool.

Enjoy your stay.

Oh and remember...

There is nothing uncool about heathy teeth and bones.

The Delusional Ones xxx

The 'NotSo' Bunch:

- Not So Sunnydale BtVS RPG
- Not So Original BtVS/A:tS based Original characters RPG
- Not So LA A:tS RPG
- Not So Delusional OOC Madness for NSS/NSO/NSB/NSLA RPGers
- Not So Bitchy Fictional Bitch RPG

If you wanna join annny of the above send an e-mail to NotSoSunnydale@aol.com and you may well be part of the madness.

Disclaimer: We do not claim to own ANY of the characters featured in our game so please don't sue us, all BtVS and A:tS characters belong to the one and only Joss Whedon, so thank him for their coolness. The NSB characters belong to various, but all we know is, they're not ours!