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Smells like Apocalypse

Okay so the four main demons of this apocalypse are a clan of related demons, hence the similar names. This is what they do:

Cabedafoda - Fire Demon

This demon will bring the rain of fire and also starts random brush fires and basically any type of fire it pleases. Kind of like the Beast. It's very large and made of black stone. It has a large tail much like a scorpion's and horns like a bull. It hales from the Sahara desert in Africa. It does not carry a weapon because it uses it's tail and can breathe fire.

Carademerda - Water demon

This is the polar opposite to the fire demon. Carademerda hales from the cold seas of the arctic. This demon carries a trident much like Poseidon and is covered in blue scales. It is half human/half fish. It has razor sharp teeth much as a sharks and can swim at top speeds. The only downside this demon has is the inability to function well on land. This demon brings the rain and the tidal waves.

Dummesbumsen - Air demon

This demon will bring cold winds at high speeds to Sunnydale. It can cause tornados and/or hurricanes when it combines it's powers with the water demon. This demon hales from the mountains of Japan. It's weapon of choice is a classic samurai sword. The demon wears a wispy cloak of black and red material but underneath the cloak the demon resembles a mummy.

Dummedirne - Earth demon

This is the polar opposite of the water demon. This demon is the closest in proximity to Sunnydale. It has lied dormant in the caves of South Dakota for centuries and now has been awakened. This demon of course was the first to make itself known with the earthquake. It carries a staff that has spiked barbells on each end of it. The demon is earthtones in colour and like fire, is a very large and has hard, thick skin. It's legs are like treestumps and when he stomps on the ground - earthquakes occur.

Dummedirne is going to wreak havoc on Sunnydale first. More earthquakes will follow. Meanwhile, Dummesbumsen will set his sites on LA. Since we have to kill Glory (And soon!) I am going to say that these demons are so powerful that they do have the power to kill a god. I think Dummesbumsen should behead Glory or something with it's Samurai sword. I'm a little obsessed with chopping people up with Samurai swords at the moment. Thank Kill Bill! The killing of Glory is up to me and Ahn though, so we'll plot that out at a later date!

Here are some things I think might be cool to happen. Add on any suggestions. You know me... you're all welcome to plot! I may be a dictator but I need help filling in those little details and I want to make sure no one feels left out or anything.

But first vote on this:

Idea 1: Sunnydale and LA each face their respective demon and kill it. Then the SDers go to LA to help them with one of the remaining two demons and then the LAers go to SD to deal with the last demon.

Idea 2: Sunnydale and LA each face their respective demon and kill it. Then they all band together and kill the other two demons when they come to create chaos.

Idea 3: We take various trips to LA and SD or just stay in once city to kill all four demons at once as a team.

Okay and here were the things that I think should happen.

1. Glory must die. We established that before hehe.
2. If anyone else wants to kill off a character 'cause they don't wanna play them and they're not that important speak up now!
3. Kennedy should momentarily gain full slayer powers due to a spell so she can join the slayers in battle. They'll need all the help they can get. If Maggie wnats to do that hehe. MAGGIE I MISS YOU COME BACK ON IM!
4. Xander already told me he wants to save Faith from one of the demons and hit his head again doing it which will bring his memory back.

That's all I can think of right now. Oops. I think a few people need to almost die to make this more dramatic and fun. So let me know if you wanna have a near death experience.

I'm gonna be posting later today all my characters that will make the demon's presences much more obvious. Maybe we'll even have some run-ins.

Thank you and goodbye!

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