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Kill kill kill!!

Hi I made up what we're going to do with Amy.

I mentioned in my last DAWN post that she was going to set a trap. I was thinking that Dawn and Kennedy would make one of those horrible cliched traps where they cover a rope with leaves and stuff and have it be a big loop and then have bait in the center of it for Bigfoot so when bigfoot goes to get the bait then oh look his foot gets looped and then he gets hung upside down.

But it would be funnier if the plan were to fail so it's going to fail.

Buffy will be walking and be totally oblivious to the trap and walk into it. She'll get looped up instead and be very very pissed off. So while she's flailing her arms Bigfoot does show up and just because we need to make sure Bigfoot is really evil he'll see Katie playing with like Callie or something and Bigfoot will go after them. Buffy will be REALLY pissed now.

So then Faith and Angel will notice what's happening and go after Bigfoot. Without weapons. Since Connor is all kill happy he can get the weapons and throw them to the other fighters and those three will hack away at Bigfoot who has incredible strength and all that so they'll get beat up some. Xander will cut Buffy down and they'll join the fray and kill bigfoot.

Now I know I didn't include everyone so if you have ideas for what you wnat to do then please share. Usually when I plot I just use the most obvious people 'cause that's how my brain works and I don't wnat it to seem like ignore characters or something it's just hard to find stuff for everyone to do all by myself!
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Oh...I'm feeling ignored. ;-)

I can have Kennedy just sorta fighting with everyone else, since she's a potential...and then have Anya standing off to the side laughing at the scoobies or something.

Does that sound good?
Yea and remember Kennedy is help setting up the trap! So K will get lots of action.

That Anya thing sounds good!
Kennedy is always good with the action.