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Bon Voyage!

Okay, tomorrow, August 16th, I have to go take a big plane back to California. Then I have to move into her apartment and all that fun stuff. No telling how long I'll be gone so we have two choices...

1. You can post random happenings with Big Foot while I am gone. Or do random fun camp things. EDEN YOU SHOULD POST BECAUSE I SENT YOU PHOTOSHOP! Obviously, if you haven't posted ina good long while then it'd be nice if when I got back I saw postage. You can use my characters (Faith, Dawn, Tara, Katie, Susannah, Buffybot) in any way, shape, or form you desire!


2. If you are good on posting then hit the pause button and wait till I get back to get posty again.

When I am up and running again we will kill Bigfoot and end this plot and then we have a big Apocalypse to deal with. I can think about how we're gonna end this plot on my lovely 5 hour flight.

So, I love you guys and I'll miss you muchly!!!

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