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Not So Delusional

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Hello all! [04 Aug 2004|11:25am]

I just wanted to introduce myself -- I'm the new Buffy. I'm really looking forward to RPing with y'all once the ball gets rolling again. I've been reading up on the backstory, but if any of you want to fill me in on past stuff that I should know about -- or just want to say hi -- feel free!
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[24 Apr 2004|05:40pm]

I'm sorry, but due to lack of time and interest, I'm withdrawing from the game. It's been a blast and I'm glad to have participated when I did.
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[12 Mar 2004|10:55am]

hey. i forgot to tell everyone, later today me (Connor & Angel) will be going on a roadtrip with Bree (Gwen & Wes) so we'll be away til like Wednesday. Sorry I forgot to post before leaving but I will try to as soon as I get back. ;-*
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[22 Feb 2004|09:45pm]

Sorry to post again.. here's my AIM name.

[ smartypants fred ]
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[22 Feb 2004|02:24pm]

Alrighty.. this is the new writer for Fred. I'm a bit up to date on the plots that are taking place.. my one problem is that I really don't want to play Fred as a vampire.

I was thinking that maybe the Powers That Be could decide Fred is more needed on the good side. If they're still around, that is. That could add for some drama on Fred's part. She becomes human again, but remembers anything bad she did while a vampire. Angst, angst, angst. I'm not sure if she is romantically involved with anyone. I myself am fond of Fred and Wesley, but I like to play things out and see how they go.. so on that part I'm not really concerned. Was she involved with any other storylines seriously? If so, feel free to comment here and fill me in.

I just wanted to post this and get everything sorted before I made a roleplaying post and confused myself as well as anyone else. ;D

Oh, and I'm Britt for anyone who'd like to know.
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GRRR!!! [08 Feb 2004|07:32am]

[ mood | angry ]

Okay, people, it's time for my annual bitchout.

Anya, what's up? I am sick of hearing your tired excuses about work, making layouts and icons, and celeb RPing as your reasons for not posting Connor. Hello? You were a part of this group way before you started celeb RPing so please take one fucking night off already and POST HERE!!! Your last Connor post was November 31st. You've had MONTHS to write another one. Do you even want to be in this RP anymore? Because f you don't, then leave. I'm sick of waiting and waiting and waiting for you. The only reason I haven't kicked you out yet is because I don't know any other Connor's and I am most comfortable RPing with your Angel but I know a few other ones and if I get too pissed with you I swear I will replace your Angel.

Maggie, are you still alive? I am not even going to bother to look for the last time you posted Kennedy because it's probably further back than the last time Anya posted Connor. Some cool stuff happened to Kennedy recently and you didn't even blink an eye. Please start posting more often because your Kennedy rocks and our Dawn/Kennedy is the cutest and I don't want to have to remove you!

Wes, thank you for finally posting. I was just wondering what your Gwen Raiden plot was? Your post was great, but since I'm the mod, I'd kind of like to know what your plans are concerning your storyline with Gwen so everyone can know what's going on with her and not just you.

Also, if anybody here wants to quit or give up some of their characters, just let me know. Don't play characters just to play them, play them because you want to and are pasisonate about them and will post them regularly. Lately I've been thinking about going on a replacement hunt for people I think should be replaced due to either character load or lack of posting and because I know these people will bring fresh blood to the community and maybe make it live again since it's dead and sucking majorly due to everyone slacking or everyone playing multiple characters and slacking on the characters they have.

And yea, I think that's about it.

Oh yea, one more thing. Me and Eden are thinking about going the Faith/Cordy route since we're bored with boys and Fordy is hot.

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I HATE YOU ALL!!!! [22 Jan 2004|02:29am]

[ mood | pissed off ]




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[10 Dec 2003|09:49pm]

Hey everybody!

Okay I am supposed to deliver a message from Anya. She says she knows she is supposed to post, but work is killing her, and she will do it when she gets a day off.

Oh and Faith I sent you and email, but you probably already know that, so this is me being self-important, kthanx.

- Westerly
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New person time! [19 Nov 2003|12:46am]

Hey guys! We have a new member.

Tiff will be playing Andrew. She's a friend of mine so be nice to her and play with her. She's going to be in LA 'cause LA rocks. And Faith is there lol.

So, welcome!
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SUNNYDALE AND LA PLOTS! [28 Oct 2003|01:24am]

[ mood | creative ]

Okay I am going to do some plotty things now.


I decided that we needed something dramatic to happen. So I'm going to have Dawn and Kennedy and Katie go out driving. I was figuring Katie gets bored at Buffy's house and Dawn and Kennedy offer to babysit so that they can make out without Buffy around while Katie plays with her toys in the other room. So either Dawn or Kennedy can be driving over to Willow and Tara's apartment when UH OH! A dam breaks! So the road they're on is now suddenly flooded and become a raging river that in turn takes all the cars on the road with it.

Which means: Rescue mission!!

Power can come back in Sunnydale because of backup generators and the gang turns on the TV and see the top news story. It's all about what happened on the road. The gang realizes that Kennedy and Dawn would have had to take that road to get to Will and Tara's. They call teh apartment and when they get no answer they realzie they have to go try to rescue them.

So they'll be a lot of cars they'll have to sort through not to mention swim through rough currents. I figure Xander's construction skills can come into good use here. He can use some big machine to tow the car up and out of the river. Kennedy, Dawn, and Katie will all be trapped inside as the water fills the car so saving them is an urgent matter. Once they get them out of the car they are going to face Carademerda.

We'll probably use a mix of slayer strength and Wiccan power against the demon and manage to get it to flee but we don't know how to kill it so all that happens is that everyone is safe again for the moment. So that's what needs to happen. I'm going to do my Dawn and Katie posts mentioning leaving. After that just follow the story as I have explained. Maggie you should post Kennedy soon ::grin::



Just like in Sunnydale, I want to have an encounter with the demon which is Dummesbumsen. Here is what I want all the characters to be doing.

A long time ago Cordy wrote about a vision in her post. Well, she gets to have another one that expands on the first one she saw. There's going to be a rooftop party for rich businessmen and women and the like. This party is basically begging for Dummesbumsen to come swooping in with his samurai swords and start offing people left and right. Since he is from Japan maybe these are mostly Japanese business people who's ancestors had wronged Dummesbumsen in the past so of course our demon friend wants a little revenge.

So this was Cordy's vision from before "A girl screaming, a horrible, bass laugh. The sound of flesh being sliced and the drip of blood hitting the floor... "

So this time Cordy needs to have this vision again but this time with more detail. She can see a sign or something that gives the Angel gang a heads up on where this girl is going to get killed at. The horrible laughing was of course our demon. Anyway, I see this as a good time to kill Glory. Glory also sees this as a prime place to be to suck some brains becasue duh, Asian people are smart. At least, that's Glory's thoughts.

So using the information in Cordelia's vision, the LA gang (Faith, Angel, Connor, Groo, Cordy, and Fred) heads over to this party too. Theya rrive and all is fine. They attempt to mingle. They're all in disguise (Dressed nicely haha won't that be fun?) and then suddenly this horrible howling occurs. What could it be? Ah yes, Dummesbumsen! The wind will suddenly pick up even more and then the demon will arrive. He will attempt to start a massacre and our gang will try to stop him. Faith, Angel, Connor, and Groo will all fight while Cordy and Fred will try to hustle teh people out of there.

While Cordy and Fred are hustling, they'll run into Glory. Glory will just push past them because she wants to see what's going on with the demon. Being the stupid Goddess she is, she is going to think she is way above Dummesbumsen and will start to challenge him, thinking that such a powerful demon will have an amazing brain to suck. They'll fight and Dummesbumsen will kill Glory however Ahn wishes Glory to be killed. The demon's samurai swords are powerful enough to kill a god.

By the way, if anyone wants to get injured they can! Because injuries are fun and add drama.

During the fight between Glory and Dummesbumsen, the gang sees this as their time to flee since they know they can't beat the demon right now. So they get all teh people safely out and head back to the Hyperion will they will lay low and heal up until I have more plottage on my hands to give.

Both Communities:

Okay, Sunnydale posts on a regular basis and Ican count on all of you to post so we can start our plot right away. Like I said I'll start it off with Dawn and Katie and the rest of you file in after me.

It's LA I'm worried about. Speak to me people. When do you want to do this plot? When is it good for you?

Ahn, I know you said you'll post on Wednesday but I don't know if this plot will be in full gear by then because I want a Cordy vision post first. So if there HAS been a Cordy post by the time you can post then go ahead and post about going to the rooftop party. You can talk about getting weapons together and the battle plan and the gang going off to fight. I'm sure you can figure out how to write the beginning of the plot out.

If there has NOT been a Cordy post then you owe me some cute Connor/Faith stuff. I don't care what you do. They can go to a club, patrol together, train together, or just hang out somewhere together. Just give me my Connaith! And for Angel, I think Fred would like you to talk about their growing relationship and of course there is the whole IT'S FUCKING COLD IN LA thing to talk about. Either way, there are things to post about so see now you don't have to think THAT much for a post.

So, I think that's all I had to say for now. Questions? Comments? Concerns? Angry Bitching? Loving Praise?

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Faith and Xander IM RPage [26 Oct 2003|12:42am]

[ mood | happy ]

Awkward ConversationCollapse )

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Smells like Apocalypse [14 Oct 2003|02:24am]

[ mood | creative ]

Okay so the four main demons of this apocalypse are a clan of related demons, hence the similar names. This is what they do:

Cabedafoda - Fire Demon

This demon will bring the rain of fire and also starts random brush fires and basically any type of fire it pleases. Kind of like the Beast. It's very large and made of black stone. It has a large tail much like a scorpion's and horns like a bull. It hales from the Sahara desert in Africa. It does not carry a weapon because it uses it's tail and can breathe fire.

Carademerda - Water demon

This is the polar opposite to the fire demon. Carademerda hales from the cold seas of the arctic. This demon carries a trident much like Poseidon and is covered in blue scales. It is half human/half fish. It has razor sharp teeth much as a sharks and can swim at top speeds. The only downside this demon has is the inability to function well on land. This demon brings the rain and the tidal waves.

Dummesbumsen - Air demon

This demon will bring cold winds at high speeds to Sunnydale. It can cause tornados and/or hurricanes when it combines it's powers with the water demon. This demon hales from the mountains of Japan. It's weapon of choice is a classic samurai sword. The demon wears a wispy cloak of black and red material but underneath the cloak the demon resembles a mummy.

Dummedirne - Earth demon

This is the polar opposite of the water demon. This demon is the closest in proximity to Sunnydale. It has lied dormant in the caves of South Dakota for centuries and now has been awakened. This demon of course was the first to make itself known with the earthquake. It carries a staff that has spiked barbells on each end of it. The demon is earthtones in colour and like fire, is a very large and has hard, thick skin. It's legs are like treestumps and when he stomps on the ground - earthquakes occur.

Dummedirne is going to wreak havoc on Sunnydale first. More earthquakes will follow. Meanwhile, Dummesbumsen will set his sites on LA. Since we have to kill Glory (And soon!) I am going to say that these demons are so powerful that they do have the power to kill a god. I think Dummesbumsen should behead Glory or something with it's Samurai sword. I'm a little obsessed with chopping people up with Samurai swords at the moment. Thank Kill Bill! The killing of Glory is up to me and Ahn though, so we'll plot that out at a later date!

Here are some things I think might be cool to happen. Add on any suggestions. You know me... you're all welcome to plot! I may be a dictator but I need help filling in those little details and I want to make sure no one feels left out or anything.

But first vote on this:

Idea 1: Sunnydale and LA each face their respective demon and kill it. Then the SDers go to LA to help them with one of the remaining two demons and then the LAers go to SD to deal with the last demon.

Idea 2: Sunnydale and LA each face their respective demon and kill it. Then they all band together and kill the other two demons when they come to create chaos.

Idea 3: We take various trips to LA and SD or just stay in once city to kill all four demons at once as a team.

Okay and here were the things that I think should happen.

1. Glory must die. We established that before hehe.
2. If anyone else wants to kill off a character 'cause they don't wanna play them and they're not that important speak up now!
3. Kennedy should momentarily gain full slayer powers due to a spell so she can join the slayers in battle. They'll need all the help they can get. If Maggie wnats to do that hehe. MAGGIE I MISS YOU COME BACK ON IM!
4. Xander already told me he wants to save Faith from one of the demons and hit his head again doing it which will bring his memory back.

That's all I can think of right now. Oops. I think a few people need to almost die to make this more dramatic and fun. So let me know if you wanna have a near death experience.

I'm gonna be posting later today all my characters that will make the demon's presences much more obvious. Maybe we'll even have some run-ins.

Thank you and goodbye!


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[13 Oct 2003|06:04am]

This is pretty much known to all who needs to know this, but just incase, I'm on vacation til around the 21st. :-*
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Plot Summary for Wesley [30 Sep 2003|03:17am]

[ mood | content ]

Okay, this is a plot summary for our new Wes so everyone but new Wes can ignore this. Wes hasn't really had any big storylines. He's just served as like bookman who randomly popped up on occasion. He lives in the Hyperion with Angel, Faith, Cordy, Groo, Connor, Susannah, Racine, Callie, Fred, Gunn, and Ben. Everyone gets along well with each other. He is not involved romantically with anyone.

The most recent plot that Wes was involved in was the Angelus plot. A pheromone demon caused everyone to have sex with a person other than their lover. Angel had sex with Fred (who was an evil vampire at the time) and became Angelus. Angelus wanted to kill Faith so he pretended to be Angel.

Before the pheromone plot… Faith had been brainwashed by a hellgod Azure who was like Glory to be evil again and kill. So the Council had Wes come out to England and they gave him the injections watchers give slayers on their 18th birthday to use on Faith in case she ever got out of hand again since they will never ever really fully trust Faith. Angelus found out about the injections and injected Faith with all of it and it caused her to get really sick and be bedridden for a while. Wes was wracked with guilt, especially after him and Faith went out and Angelus managed to capture Faith.

But Connor, who used to be bad because Azure had brainwashed him too, came to Faith's rescue and brought her back and the got Angelus in a cage and Angelus did the taunting thing but was eventually cured.

After that the entire LA and Sunnydale gang went camping. Wes and Susannah (who is Faith's watcher since Faith and Wes obviously did not work out) hung out together during the trip. On the camping trip they mey BigFoot who is pretty evil and the gang killed Bigfoot.

Now everyone is in LA and just chilling before I lay down the outline for a new plot. So your first post could be about anything you wish. There isn't really a set thing going on right now in LA. We're takinga little break before I break out the next big Apocalypse.

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[08 Sep 2003|11:08pm]

Hey Everyone! I'd just like to apologize for my lack of posting this last week. I know we're trying to finish up this Big Foot plot, and I'm sorry I haven't been around. I'm going to be updating both Kennedy and Anya later this week, after my play auditions and everything are over. Sorry again!
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Kill kill kill!! [03 Sep 2003|03:07am]

[ mood | creative ]

Hi I made up what we're going to do with Amy.

I mentioned in my last DAWN post that she was going to set a trap. I was thinking that Dawn and Kennedy would make one of those horrible cliched traps where they cover a rope with leaves and stuff and have it be a big loop and then have bait in the center of it for Bigfoot so when bigfoot goes to get the bait then oh look his foot gets looped and then he gets hung upside down.

But it would be funnier if the plan were to fail so it's going to fail.

Buffy will be walking and be totally oblivious to the trap and walk into it. She'll get looped up instead and be very very pissed off. So while she's flailing her arms Bigfoot does show up and just because we need to make sure Bigfoot is really evil he'll see Katie playing with like Callie or something and Bigfoot will go after them. Buffy will be REALLY pissed now.

So then Faith and Angel will notice what's happening and go after Bigfoot. Without weapons. Since Connor is all kill happy he can get the weapons and throw them to the other fighters and those three will hack away at Bigfoot who has incredible strength and all that so they'll get beat up some. Xander will cut Buffy down and they'll join the fray and kill bigfoot.

Now I know I didn't include everyone so if you have ideas for what you wnat to do then please share. Usually when I plot I just use the most obvious people 'cause that's how my brain works and I don't wnat it to seem like ignore characters or something it's just hard to find stuff for everyone to do all by myself!

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I'm sorry! [01 Sep 2003|08:52am]

[ mood | busy ]

Okay... I'm still trying to get back into things but gah everything has been so hectic with getting drunk and high and then seeing Hanson. So I'll post plot later when I cna think. We're killing BigFoot after I get in some cute Faith/Cordy talkness and I dunno something amusing with Dawn and cute with Katie before we kill bigfoot 'cause I'm selfish and then we'll be back in business.

That is all. I'm going to bed. You can all kill me if I haven't done posts as promised tonight. If people invite me out to places I will tell them NO!!! And that I hate them and to never to force me to have a social life again! This is what happens when you've been awake for almost 24 hours lmto.

But hey, you guys wanted a vacation right? lol. Well I know SOME of you did!

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[28 Aug 2003|05:18am]

[ mood | tired ]

Okay... I was just going to post but I was kindof at a loss as to what I should say because this Big Foot thing has gone on for soooo long. Also, Fred, I totally forgot what Angel and Fred were going to talk about. I suck. :/ So, I'll try to post this weekend once I get a friggin clue. :D

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Bon Voyage! [15 Aug 2003|08:48pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

Okay, tomorrow, August 16th, I have to go take a big plane back to California. Then I have to move into her apartment and all that fun stuff. No telling how long I'll be gone so we have two choices...

1. You can post random happenings with Big Foot while I am gone. Or do random fun camp things. EDEN YOU SHOULD POST BECAUSE I SENT YOU PHOTOSHOP! Obviously, if you haven't posted ina good long while then it'd be nice if when I got back I saw postage. You can use my characters (Faith, Dawn, Tara, Katie, Susannah, Buffybot) in any way, shape, or form you desire!


2. If you are good on posting then hit the pause button and wait till I get back to get posty again.

When I am up and running again we will kill Bigfoot and end this plot and then we have a big Apocalypse to deal with. I can think about how we're gonna end this plot on my lovely 5 hour flight.

So, I love you guys and I'll miss you muchly!!!


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Sex sex sex [11 Aug 2003|02:59am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Xandy and I are pervs. Someone should stop us.

Sex in the lake!Collapse )

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