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Faith and Xander IM RPage

x Just Nicky x: *Xander sits at the round couch glancing at watch* Does she always take this long to get ready?
FaithWickedSlayr: ::she takes the basement stairs, two at a time, as she heads to the first floor with intentions of a shower. Her hair is pulled back into a pony tail and she's clad only in a sweat soaked sports bra and a pair of very short shorts::
FaithWickedSlayr: ::she creaks open the basement door and walks out into the hotel lobby. Immediately, she notices Xander out in the lobby and freezes, a shocked expression on her face:: "What are you doin' here?"
x Just Nicky x: *he turns and sees her outfit* Uh...I was uh...*ahem* I'm taking Cordy to lunch while I'm in town. Leave in a few hours wanted to talk with her about my past some more before i left.
x Just Nicky x: Relax. I'll be out of your way as soon as she gets downstairs.
FaithWickedSlayr: ::holds up her hands in defense of herself:: "Hey, I'm cool. Do you see me freakin' out? No. Just surprised is all. Didn't expect to see you around here much." ::she leans against the wall, watching him closely::
x Just Nicky x: *looking down* Neither did I.
FaithWickedSlayr: ::a lazy smirk slowly finds itself upon her full lips:: "Better not be planning to take the queen to McDonalds. I'd never hear the end of it." ::she chuckles softly, knowing that making fun of Cordelia is common ground for them::
x Just Nicky x: *small smile* No. May not remember everything about her, but based on personality, Mcdonalds isn't the place to take her.
x Just Nicky x: *looks up* So uh...how've you been?
FaithWickedSlayr: "You know me, I'm five by five." ::she grins her trademark grin:: "Except for the whole LA turning into Boston thing. I'm not really diggin' the chill here, but whatever. It's just weather. What can ya do?"
x Just Nicky x: Figure the cause yet? Thinking it might be supernatural as it is colder than usual for LA
FaithWickedSlayr: ::shrugs her shoulders lightly:: "Suzie Q's on it. She's in boring booktown Watcher Heaven with the new drama. She mentioned some demon - Dummy Bums?" ::laughs:: "Fuck, now I sound like B with my screwing up of the demonic names."
x Just Nicky x: I do it too. So no worries about screwing up the names.
FaithWickedSlayr: ::reaches behind her head and pulls out the rubber band. She shakes out her hair and with a devious grin on her features, she draw backs her hand and shoots the rubber band at Xander's chest::
FaithWickedSlayr: "Whatever it is, as long as I know how to kill it, named don't mean shit."
FaithWickedSlayr: names*
x Just Nicky x: *gets hit with rubber band and takes it, standing up* Right.
FaithWickedSlayr: ::combs her fingers back through her unruly hair, curling slightly from the heat of her workout:: "So where are you taking the prom queen today?"
x Just Nicky x: *moves and leans against counter* Some cafe' I guess. Its lunch not a date so nothing huge.
FaithWickedSlayr: ::she raises her eyebrows at him and flashes him her best `duh` look:: "I knew that muc Xander. I ain't stupid. The girl's engaged to multi-dimensional dude."
x Just Nicky x: *plays with rubber band* Right. Groo.
x Just Nicky x: *not looking up* So how's everyone else? Susie, Deadboy, Fred, *slightly bitter* connor?
FaithWickedSlayr: "Like I said, Suzie's in watcher heaven and brought Fred with her and I guess Connor and Angel are finally gettin' along a little better." ::slightly bored with the catchup, she walks past Xander and into the kitchen. She reaches into a cabinet and pulls out a bag of doritoes:: "It's been a blast and a half here lately." ::she adds sarcastically::
x Just Nicky x: Probably better than desolate isolation inside and Waterworld outside in Sunnydale.
x Just Nicky x: *mutters softly* not that you care about what's going on with me.
FaithWickedSlayr: ::hears what he says with her enhanced hearing. She balls up her fist in anger, crushing the chip in her heand but immediately calms herself down:: "Don't pull the puppy dog act on me. I care. Don't fuckin' put words in my mouth, Harris."
x Just Nicky x: Wasn't. But actions sure as hell speak louder than words.
FaithWickedSlayr: "Man, you guys really gotta lighten up a little! Didn't you guys used to get kicks outa callin' me a slut back in the 'dale?" ::tosess the bag of chips onto the counter and crosses her arms across her chest:: "And then you act all surprised whenever I have sex with people. Congratulations, you've found a way to fuck with my head. You oughta win a medal."
x Just Nicky x: I never thought of you as a slut Faith. But am I just supposed to walk around with a grin on my face after I found out the person I had countless sexcapdes with and had growing feelings for sleeps with someone else? And not just someone else...Connor of all people. Deadboy Jr. minus the undead part.
FaithWickedSlayr: ::leans back on the counter with her hands behind her:: "I don't know. What the Hell was I supposed to think? You suddenly went all Mr. Chastity on me in the end there. Figured we headed into break up territory so when I got a little wired during patrol I didn't think it'd be a big deal to get bouncy with the kid."
x Just Nicky x: *sigh* Okay I get that not knowing what to think part. I was a little out of my head cause I was scared. But you still knew how I felt and that's the reason I got so upset Faith. You knew how I had feelings for you. Didn't have to say it, was always in my eyes when i was around you. But you get all hot and bothered and got "Bouncy".
x Just Nicky x: Now you tell me how I'm supposed to feel about that.
FaithWickedSlayr: ::looks down and shift her feet:: "Okay, so I was a bitch to let things get outa hand with the kid... I'm just a present kinda person. It was there and... and I guess I'm still workin' on that whole not giving into temptation thing." ::she looks back up at him:: "I'm sorry, okay? I knew what you felt... but come on, let's be realistic here Xander."
FaithWickedSlayr: "As soon as you get your memory back it's back to bein' whipped by B and I'm sorry, but I don't wanna be part of that drama. I'm sick of fightin' with B all the time."
x Just Nicky x: That's one senario...but there's also a chance that I still feel the same way after I get my memory back. Like right now...as much is still angry and upset, another part me just wants to take you on this counter. I don't know what's going to happen when I get my memory back. Partly why I wanted to ease of on the sex. But not for break up type thing. To, you know, go on a real date with you. See if what i was feeling was real and not just my stupid hormones.
FaithWickedSlayr: "Are you tryin' to make me feel stupider?" ::she asks with a weak laugh:: "Because if you are, it's working." ::she sighs, blowing up a strand of hair:: "You know, you're makin' this way too complicated. You're supposed to get pissed and tell me to go to Hell and I can feel bad for a few days and then get over it by fucking half of Los Angeles."
x Just Nicky x: *small grin* Sorry to disappoint you. I know how hard and complicated this is for you...but its harder on me. I want to be pissed at you. That help?
x Just Nicky x: And buffy told me the story of when she went to Hell...not exactly a fun place. So I wouldn't wish anyone there.
FaithWickedSlayr: "I know it's hard on you... I'm just not really the kinda girl you go to for comfort... or really anything in the whole cheering up category." ::sighs:: "What do you want me to say here? You want me to tell you to get lost or do you wanna go another round? 'Cause I'm really not all that experienced in the soap opera relationship drama."
x Just Nicky x: You don't have to say anything Faith. What's done is done. So you don't have to worry about comforting me or cheering me up or being even more involved in the soap opera "Xand of our Lives."
FaithWickedSlayr: ::cracks a smile:: "Hey, it is the best rated program here as of late. Gotta give you props on that one." ::hops up onto the counter, dangling her feet below her:: "So does that mean truce or what?"
x Just Nicky x: I guess. Might still be all "puppy dog" over it for a while, but I'll get over it.
FaithWickedSlayr: ::nods her head:: "Cool. Glad you're not tellin' me to go to Hell." ::she gives him a playful punch in the shoulder:: "As easy as it is to deal with those reactions, they get wicked old after a while."
x Just Nicky x: *looks into her eyes* COuldn't do that if I tried...but then again, I had a couple weeks to cool off
x Just Nicky x: I'd punch the kid if it wasn't for his superpowers.
FaithWickedSlayr: ::shakes her head in amusement:: "Um, Xand? Hate to break it to you but it was kinda more me throwin' him down. Not the other way around. If there's anyone to punch it's me." ::continues on before he can give his overdone speech:: "And don't even start on me about how you'd never hit a chick."
x Just Nicky x: I wouldn't...unless it was self-defense or someone trying to hurt my friends.
FaithWickedSlayr: "You're such a cornball, you know that?" ::she muses with a playful grin::
x Just Nicky x: So I'm told.
x Just Nicky x: guess I better go upstairs to see whats taking Cordelia. I swear if she's doing the bump and grind with Groo, I will be none too pleased.
FaithWickedSlayr: ::bursts out laughing:: "Now that'd be a sight to see. As fun as that'd be, I got a feeling she's just havin' an argument with the hair dryer. Sunnydale's power problems have been spreadin'. It hasn't been easy livin' with someone who's wicked dependent on the things when they go out."
x Just Nicky x: *smiles* Its why I like simpler girls now.
x Just Nicky x: *heads up the stairs* Guess I'll see you around faith.
FaithWickedSlayr: ::nods:: "Alright. Have fun on your nota date lunch date."
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