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Plot Summary for Wesley

Okay, this is a plot summary for our new Wes so everyone but new Wes can ignore this. Wes hasn't really had any big storylines. He's just served as like bookman who randomly popped up on occasion. He lives in the Hyperion with Angel, Faith, Cordy, Groo, Connor, Susannah, Racine, Callie, Fred, Gunn, and Ben. Everyone gets along well with each other. He is not involved romantically with anyone.

The most recent plot that Wes was involved in was the Angelus plot. A pheromone demon caused everyone to have sex with a person other than their lover. Angel had sex with Fred (who was an evil vampire at the time) and became Angelus. Angelus wanted to kill Faith so he pretended to be Angel.

Before the pheromone plot… Faith had been brainwashed by a hellgod Azure who was like Glory to be evil again and kill. So the Council had Wes come out to England and they gave him the injections watchers give slayers on their 18th birthday to use on Faith in case she ever got out of hand again since they will never ever really fully trust Faith. Angelus found out about the injections and injected Faith with all of it and it caused her to get really sick and be bedridden for a while. Wes was wracked with guilt, especially after him and Faith went out and Angelus managed to capture Faith.

But Connor, who used to be bad because Azure had brainwashed him too, came to Faith's rescue and brought her back and the got Angelus in a cage and Angelus did the taunting thing but was eventually cured.

After that the entire LA and Sunnydale gang went camping. Wes and Susannah (who is Faith's watcher since Faith and Wes obviously did not work out) hung out together during the trip. On the camping trip they mey BigFoot who is pretty evil and the gang killed Bigfoot.

Now everyone is in LA and just chilling before I lay down the outline for a new plot. So your first post could be about anything you wish. There isn't really a set thing going on right now in LA. We're takinga little break before I break out the next big Apocalypse.
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