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Sex sex sex

Xandy and I are pervs. Someone should stop us.

x Just Nicky x: *sees Faith alone by a tree with back turned, he tries to sneak up on her but steps on a twig*
FaithWickedSlayr: ::tenses up into the defensive, ready to fight whatever is out there and spins around with a stick in hand, ready to stake the offender::
x Just Nicky x: No beast...just a clutzy guy trying sneak up on a slayer. Suddenly thinking thats dumb.
FaithWickedSlayr: ::laughs and tosses the stick outside. She steps up to him and smirks:: "Should know by now that sneakin' up on a slayer? Never a bright idea. Once B tapped me on teh shoulde rwhile I was on Oz watch and I clocked her one."
x Just Nicky x: *grins* I'll try to remember that. *walks behind her and wraps arms around her* You got that outdoorsy smell going for you. Kinda sexy.
FaithWickedSlayr: ::arches a brow:: "Um, outdoorsy, as in sweaty? 'Cause last time I checked... that ain't so daisy fresh."
x Just Nicky x: Maybe so...*kisses her neck* but you still look and smell sexy to me.
x Just Nicky x: *blinks* taht was kina corny wasn't it?
FaithWickedSlayr: ::laughs throatily and tilts her neck to the sound:: "Yea, but keep doin' that and I won't care what's comin' outa your mouth."
x Just Nicky x: *smirks and rubs her shoulders* there is a way of shutting me up you know.
FaithWickedSlayr: ::turns around in his arms and blaces her fingers behind his head:: "Oh yea? Like this?" ::presses her lips to hism snaking her tongue into his warm mouth:: "Mmm you taste like marshmallows."
x Just Nicky x: *grins* Just had some roasted marshmallows. *pulls her into a deep kiss, stroking her arms.
FaithWickedSlayr: ::massages his scalp with her fingers as she runs her tongue over his lips and back inside his mouth, dancing it around his::
FaithWickedSlayr: ::pulls back and smirks at him:: "Heard it's gettin' wicked dangerous in these parts... you still up for the risky business?"
x Just Nicky x: Sometimes when its dangerous...I just get there faster.
FaithWickedSlayr: ::grins at him snarkily and reaches into his pants:: "Really now... wanna test that theory?"
x Just Nicky x: *smirks* always. *kisses her roughly and moves his hands under her shirt massaging her breasts*
FaithWickedSlayr: ::inhales shakily and arches into his touch. She wraps her hand around him and begins to move up and down the length of him, grinning all the while:: "And what betetr than some hands on experiements?"
x Just Nicky x: I love your science more than high school science. *kisses her softly* How about tonight we make it slayer's choice. *between kisses* anything you want...anyway you want...anywhere you want.
FaithWickedSlayr: ::pulls out her hand and rubs it over his chest witha thoughtful expression on her face before taking his hand with hers:: "Okay, Carson, follow me, and you'll see my Total Request Live." ::throws her ehad back and laughs as she leads him off to the right::
x Just Nicky x: *follows her closely*
FaithWickedSlayr: ::ducks under some branches and pushes away the brush:: "See, I was gettin' myself a workout and this sun? Wicked hot. So... I was thinkin' about coolin' off. If ya get what I mean."
x Just Nicky x: *nods following* of course.
FaithWickedSlayr: ::leads him over to a small private beach that rests in between some boulders:: "Found this place when I was workin' out. Swank digs, huh?"
x Just Nicky x: Oh yeah...*kisses her shoulder blade* nice and secluded.
FaithWickedSlayr: ::steps away from him and slowly begins to lift her tank top, revealing first her toned stomach and naval, and then over her robs. S he stops for a moment, fingering the material before pullin it up over her breasts and discarding the shirt on the beach::
x Just Nicky x: You are so sexy.
FaithWickedSlayr: ::winks at him before moving her hands down to her shorts:: "I know." ::grins and pulls down her shorts. She steps up to him and hops up on him, wrapping her arms around his shoulders and her legs around his waists and grinds suggestively on him:: "Wanna go for a swim X man?"
x Just Nicky x: *playfully* aw geez. I forgot my suit.
x Just Nicky x: *rips shirt off*
x Just Nicky x: Guess i'll improvise then.
FaithWickedSlayr: ::smirks:: "That's the point." ::slides off of him and removes her panties. She steps into the water and turns around:: "Water's fuckin' fine."
x Just Nicky x: *removes pants and boxers and follows her in teh water.*
FaithWickedSlayr: ::dives into the deeper water and resurfaces. She crooks a finger at him:: "Ever done it in water before?"
x Just Nicky x: *smiles and swims to her* Faith...I'd answer that but i cant answer that on grounds I still have amnesia.
x Just Nicky x: But I don't think i have.
FaithWickedSlayr: ::laughs and pulls him to her:: "Guess we're makin' a memory then, huh?" ::kisses down his neck, her tongue flicking his wet flesh. She presses her body against his, allowing her nipples to brush against his chest and she moans at the contect::
x Just Nicky x: *seriously* Yeah...guess we are. *brushes hair out her face and kisses her savagely with wanten lust*
FaithWickedSlayr: ::sucks on his tongue hungrily. She reaches her hands down to his ass and squeezes hard as she grinds her hips on him::
x Just Nicky x: *holding her with one arm he traces his hand down and caresses her thigh lifting it up*
FaithWickedSlayr: ::wraps her thigh around him and continues to tease him by rubbing her wet sex over his stomach. She tugs on his lower lip with her teeth and lets out a low growl::
x Just Nicky x: *smirks* Love it when you tease me. *kisses her neck licking his way down* Make me want you more. *Contiunes kissing*
FaithWickedSlayr: ::wraps her other leg around him and places her hands on his shoulder for balancer. She lifts her body up so her beasts sway in front of his face:: "Fuck Xander... suck me here."
x Just Nicky x: *shoves all jokes aside and kisses her breasts, twirling his tounge around sucking her softly.*
FaithWickedSlayr: ::moans loudly:: "Oh god... harder" ::clutches him harder, her fingernails digging into his skin as she arches into his awaiting mouth, her nipples erect and tender::
x Just Nicky x: *obeying her request he sucks harder, even nibbling a little*
FaithWickedSlayr: ::enjoys the feeling of his teeth on her hardened nub... liking it rough she urges him to go further:: "Bite me..." ::she whispers huskily:: "Should know I like it rough."
x Just Nicky x: *bites her harder* I know you like it rough. Want it harder?
FaithWickedSlayr: ::nods and throws her head back:: "I cna take whatever you dish out Harris."
x Just Nicky x: *places kisses down her chest* Love your slayer strength.
FaithWickedSlayr: "And I love that mouth of yours." ::laughs huskily and wriggles her body against him, desperately needing more contact in her aroused state::
x Just Nicky x: *kisses her savagely he moves his hand to her sex and starts to rub it*
FaithWickedSlayr: ::her body jolts at the contact and she presses eagerly down into his hand:: ""And those hands of yours." ::rocks her hips in the motion of her fingertips, moaning lightly as his fingers presses against her throbbing clit::
x Just Nicky x: Part of being a carpenter. *continues kissing and rubbing* Want you so bad Faith
FaithWickedSlayr: ::grins and allows herself to slide down his body slowly, bringing her face back even with his. She leans forward and flicks her tongue over his pecs::
x Just Nicky x: *grins at her mischeiveously* Don't move. *takes deep breath and goes underwater, he finds his way to her sex and shoves his tounge inside and rapidly swirls it around*

FaithWickedSlayr: ::screams out in pleasure as his tongue enters her:: "OH FUUUUUCK!!!" ::tightens her inner wallks around his tongue and absently hopes she doesn't drown him as she feels an orgasm begin to rack through her body::
x Just Nicky x: *continues kissing down there, massaging her breasts and makes his way back up capturing her lips again* You ready? *smirks*
FaithWickedSlayr: ::crushes her lips to his as an answers and slides onto him. feeling his erection fill her easily as her body calms. She easily moves up and down on him, Her back arches with each movement, causing her breasts to rub against him, which only increases her arousal::
FaithWickedSlayr: ::pulls away for a moment, but keeps up her sensual rhythm:: "More than ready."
x Just Nicky x: *moves hands to her ass and squeazes pulling her in deeper and keeping the rhythm he grunts in pleasure as he feels himself inside her*
FaithWickedSlayr: ::burns her gaze into his as she smiles sexily at him. She increases her speed and squeezes him tightly with her slayer muscles. She dances her fingertips down his back, feeling the nail marks from their previous encounter still there::
x Just Nicky x: *his eyes stay fused on hers as she smiles, a smile of his own creeps to his face, He moves fasters along with her, enjoying the feel of her slayer muscles.* Fuck...feels so good.
FaithWickedSlayr: "Like that, huh?" ::sinks down onto him and squeezes him harder and longer this this time. She remains tense as she slowly lifts her body off of him until only the tip is snuggled within her sex. She moans as she slides back down onto him, inch by inch::
x Just Nicky x: *he kisses her softly, rubbing her breasts as she slides up and down. He moves his hands down to her waist and starts to move in harder and faster*
FaithWickedSlayr: ::mingles her tongue with his as she begins to grow hotter. The cool water washes over her as she rocks her body with his as her movements become more wikd and erratic with each thrust. She wraps her arms above his head and and holds it tightly to hers as her tonguepushes ina nd out of his mouth::
x Just Nicky x: *Continues thrusting in and out, relishing ever second she inside his mouth.*
FaithWickedSlayr: ::grows more feral and holds him tightly as she slams herself onto him repeatedy. She can feel her orgasm building inside her body:: "Fuck... Xand... I'm gonna come..." ::throws her head back and squeezes him tightly with all her might before her body begins to erupt::
x Just Nicky x: *Holds on to her tightly as he errupts inside her, and he lets out a deep breath, he kisses her softly* Water sex is even better than sex on land.
FaithWickedSlayr: ::relaxes her grip on him as her orgasm recedes. She grins at him, slightly breathless:: "Told ya, it's fun stuff. If you don't drown that is. Kinda puts a damper on all the orgasms."
x Just Nicky x: *caresses her cheek and kisses her forehead* It'd be worth it.
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